Live like a local

It is now an important concept for modern travelers. Here are our “must-see” places on the Riviera! 10 places and experiences not to be missed:


Block 60
Block 60 and its founder Oscar are an institution in Riccione and we love them both! Here you will find an international range of fashion brands, design objects and truly unique accessories. Absolutely not to be missed.

If you love a casual but sought-after style, at W12 you will find everything you want. We particularly love truly unique, unobtainable pieces that the two owners get delivered from different parts of the world.

La Maison
Design items, home accessories, personal accessories such as bags and hats. At La Maison you will find only unique pieces, excellent choice even in case you need to buy original and tasteful gifts.

Essentiality and elegance, at Sveva the articles are displayed just like in a museum, because every piece in the collection is unique and precious. You will be able to find yours too, we are sure of it.

St Barth
A fresh and summery line that recalls the sea, the sun and the beautiful vacation that you will be spending in Riccione. Every St Barth article is colorful, vivid and full of life! Ask for Elena. She will advise you in the best possible way!

Maison Baleani
Take advantage of being in Riccione to visit the Maison Baleani and choose a unique jewel that will last forever.

Gaudenzi Donna & Uomo
At theis exclusive boutique both men and women can find designer clothes from the most important Italian and international fashion houses.

Folli Follie
Are you foolish and need follies? No problem! Folli Follie awaits you for unbridled shopping in search of fun and unique items!

A young and modern brand, at Twister you can find a selection of absolutely bon-ton and fashionable items of clothing made by Camilla. It is opposite The Box and it’s worth visiting!

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Our favorite places will soon be updated


Aperitif in the vineyard with breathtaking view of the Mancini Farm
On the hills of Pesaro you can enjoy a truly unique experience: an aperitif in the vineyard directly overlooking the sea! You will taste typical products and drink glasses of local wine, immersed in the green of the vineyard. The location that we suggest is the wonderful Mancini Farm, where we have often treated ourselves to magical evenings.

A sunset boat experience with Orange Sea
Orange Sea organizes exclusive aperitifs on boats to be enjoyed both in pairs and with a small group of friends. Orange Sea skippers are all expert connoisseurs of the most beautiful routes of the place. Choose the boat, the route and the right people to take on board and you’re done.

Wednesday’s picnics at Locanda dei Girasoli
Do you love being outdoors? Then one of the picnics organized by the Locanda dei Girasoli will be a truly unforgettable occasion. Through trees and flowers, the garden of the Locanda is set up in a true country chic style and you will feel like you are the protagonists of a film with a happy ending where everything is perfect.

Visit to the Castle of Paolo and Francesca in Gradara
Paolo and Francesca’s love, also celebrated in the fifth canto of the Divine Comedy, was born right here, in the rooms of the Castle of Gradara. The two lovers experienced a tragic end which this time does not arise from the imagination of a writer but from the veracity of historical facts. If you want to find out more, a visit to the best preserved medieval fortress in Italy will not disappoint you.

Discovering the Alchemist at the Castle of San Leo
Cagliostro, born in Palermo in 1743 and famous for his skills as a healer and alchemist, is a well-known character. After touring Europe, his life full of adventures took him to San Leo, unfortunately as a prisoner held in the cells of the Castle of San Leo. We advise you to book a visit to learn more about the story.

San Marino and its towers
An excursion to San Marino is a real must. Third smallest state in the world, completely independent and located on the border between Romagna and Marche, San Marino offers breathtaking views and a center rich in history and culture. Try to get to the top to visit the two towers that have now become the symbol of the republic, so you can explore the city center, admire the landscape and visit some of the most important historic buildings.

A walk through the shops, cafes and clubs of Santarcangelo
Santarcangelo is the first town you come across entering the Romagna hinterland. This is a really beautiful village with exclusive bars and clubs that offer excellent local menus accompanied very often by a rich musical program. The Santarcangelo stores are also very popular, offering original and different fashion!

Going to see a movie at Fellini’s Fulgor cinema and discovering the places of the great director in the historic center
Spending an evening on the comfortable red seats of the Fulgor cinema, one of the dearest places to the famous Rimini director Federico Fellini, can really be a pleasant experience. Rimini has given new light to this place that now offers a highly respected film program as well as great taste events such as Sunday breakfasts complete with cappuccino, croissants and a good movie!

An evening at the Teatro Galli, which shines again after 70 years
If you love theater evenings you cannot miss one of the beautiful shows of Teatro Galli, which has come back to life after 70 years of inactivity. The calendar of shows is always full of news and the staged shows see the performance of important actors from the Italian scene.

Vallugola and Fiorenzuola di Focara, two hidden beaches not far from us
For those who want to enjoy breathtaking views and immerse themselves in crystal clear waters, Vallugola and Fiorenzuola di Focara will certainly remain etched in the memory. Vallugola, situated immediately after Gabicce, is a natural inlet with a pebble beach surrounded by greenery. Fiorenzuola is a delightful village overlooking the sea, from which you go down on foot or by shuttle to reach the hidden beach.

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Mad inside The Box
I know it will sound trivial, but the first restaurant on the list could only be ours! International Fusion Cuisine combined with the best Signature Cocktails created in collaboration with Oscar Quagliarini. A definitely unusual foodpairing experience on the Riviera.

Sol y Mar - Riccione
Directly on the sand, Sol y Mar has always been one of the places of our heart. Both in summer and winter, its chabby chic atmosphere let us dream.
We suggest one of their menus named “come 23 anni fa” (like 23 years ago) with several dishes to sample the chef’s delicious recipes.

Brasserie - Riccione
A short walk from our property, one of Riviera’s best restaurants: La Brasserie. An elegant venue we recommend for a romantic evening or to celebrate a special occasion.
Every day, ultra-fresh and refined dishes are served following the season’s natural trend.

SettimoPiano - Riccione
If besides amazing your partner with delicious fish dishes you also want to create a Wow effect! SettimoPiano is the right place for you! This marvelous restaurant lying on a terrace overlooking the sea hold the most beautiful view across the Riviera and will not let your rmantic expectations down!

Da Fino - Riccione
Da Fino was born in 1958 by the harbor and some Guests are lucky enough to eat next to mooring boats. We love it because of its fresh fish, pasta and homemade piada.

Kalamaro Fritto & Piadinaro – Riccione
These two realities are perfect to taste the flavors of romagna. The first is a pretty osteria on the port of the channel: first dishes of tradition, seconds in a pan and to the strict brace of fish and desserts of own production. The second is a restaurant in the bottom of viale ceccarini where to eat the very good piadine, some gourmets, created in collaboration with important chef. Their gelato of own production are amazing!

Cavalluccio Marino - Riccione
It was the year 1964 when Nonno Tonino fulfilled his wish of opening a restaurant to give vent to his passion: cuisine. We love it for the authentic and traditional flavors of Romagna’s fish cuisine. Don’t miss their fried fish and Mediterranean-style seabass!

Le Vele – Misano Adriatico
Le Vele is the place where you will find tradition and innovation in every dish. The heart of the kitchen is the evolution of every flavor contained in the dishes prepared by expert hands. Bread and pasta are homemade, every dish is a hymn to the sea and its presentation is a work of art.

Vite San Patrignano - Rimini
If you want to taste genuine and zero-km dishes enjoying the sunset of the Romagna hills, then the Vite restaurant is perfect for you. A brigade of young people who return to life with enthusiasm after a journey through the Community.

Dalla Lella – Rimini
If you have decided to go around Rimini, you cannot miss the piada cooked by Lella. An authentic food experience and a true institution in Romagna.

La Petite Langoustine - Rimini
Along the beautiful Darsena di Rimini (Rimini’s dock) is a venue able to amaze us, its name is Petit Langoustine. If you had to sum up the sensations it conveys, we would say: panoramic view, good music and modern and refined culinary proposals leaving customers open-mouthed.

Il Lavatoio – Santarcangelo di Romagna
We like Lavatoio Bistrot because it breaks the mold with its “we are differently Romagnol”. This restaurant lies in the heart of Santarcangelo and was once the seat of the public wash house. Here you can eat and taste the local culture thanks to evenings spent with books, photographs and music shows performed by local artists.

La Sangiovesa – Santarcangelo di Romagna
You can’t leave Romagna without visiting the Sangiovesa, the restaurant dedicated to the famous character of Fellini’s films. The location is like a large house with rustic furnishings where you can read the history of Romagna in the dishes, in the furnishings and in the faces of the people who will serve you.


Roman and Renaissance Rimini
Rimini has many faces and all of them date back to different eras. You can see Roman Rimini in the historic center with the Domus del Chirurgo, the amphitheater and the ancient walls all around. Renaissance Rimini can be found around Piazza Cavour and along the famous Corso d’Augusto, where the Arengo palace and the Podestà palace stand out.

Gradara, the cradle of the Middle Ages
It is recognized by the majestic Castle that can be seen from the motorway. We recommend Gradara to experience the medieval charm of its village and to visit the magnificent castle where to admire a unique landscape. Lose yourself with your eyes on the green hills and enjoy the serene and peaceful air that you can breathe from up here.

A unique, perfect and beautiful Renaissance example, Urbino is a UNESCO World Heritage site that preserves its vocation as a cultural city thanks to its university, which today makes it a lively and cheerful intellectual center. Lose yourself in the streets of Urbino without having a precise destination because you will be amazed by every corner.

Exhibitions at Villa Mussolini
Riccione houses Villa Mussolini, a former summer residence of the Duce Benito Mussolini. Today the Villa annually hosts a very rich program with exclusive exhibitions, concerts and book presentations. We advise you to participate in at least one of the events on the calendar.

AVGEO art gallery in Rimini
If you are a lover of contemporary art, we recommend visiting Art Space, the AVGEO art gallery space in the heart of historic Rimini. A good reason to explore the city and satisfy your desire for art, creativity and beauty at the same time.

Exhibitions at Villa Lodi Fè
A wonderful art nouveau villa where various exhibitions and events are organized during the summer. A really nice location where you can also spend time outdoors walking in the garden.

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