Live like a local

It has become an important concept for modern travelers. Here are our “Must See” across the Riviera! 10 places and experience not to be missed:


Our favorite places will soon be updated


Our favorite places will soon be updated


Our favorite places will soon be updated


Sol y Mar
Directly on the sand, Sol y Mar has always been one of the places of our heart. Both in summer and winter, its chabby chic atmosphere let us dream.
We suggest one of their menus named “come 23 anni fa” (like 23 years ago) with several dishes to sample the chef’s delicious recipes.
A short walk from our property, one of Riviera’s best restaurants: La Brasserie. An elegant venue we recommend for a romantic evening or to celebrate a special occasion.
Every day, ultra-fresh and refined dishes are served following the season’s natural trend.
If besides amazing your partner with delicious fish dishes you also want to create a Wow effect! SettimoPiano is the right place for you! This marvelous restaurant lying on a terrace overlooking the sea hold the most beautiful view across the Riviera and will not let your rmantic expectations down!
Lido Riviera
Not a beachside restaurant more, but a place made of several passions: cuisine, wines, distillates, interior design and fun. We love this place because of its nice atmosphere the owners were able to create, where Guests become friends right away.
Il Falco
Born in the wild bay of Vallugola during the 50s from the inspiration of a fisherman who converted a wooden house into a place to serve the fish he caught daily. Today, that ancient kiosk has become a restaurant where the poetry of staring at sea matches that of the flavors of the Adriatic’s fresh fish.
We recommend it at sunset to enjoy a breathtaking panorama.
Cavalluccio Marino
It was the year 1964 when Nonno Tonino fulfilled his wish of opening a restaurant to give vent to his passion: cuisine. We love it for the authentic and traditional flavors of Romagna’s fish cuisine. Don’t miss their fried fish and Mediterranean-style seabass!
Da Fino
Da Fino was born in 1958 by the harbor and some Guests are lucky enough to eat next to mooring boats. We love it because of its fresh fish, pasta and homemade piada.
La Petite Langoustine
Along the beautiful Darsena di Rimini (Rimini’s dock) is a venue able to amaze us, its name is Petit Langoustine. If you had to sum up the sensations it conveys, we would say: panoramic view, good music and modern and refined culinary proposals leaving customers open-mouthed.
Il Lavatoio
We like Lavatoio Bistrot because it breaks the mold with its “we are differently Romagnol”. This restaurant lies in the heart of Santarcangelo and was once the seat of the public wash house. Here you can eat and taste the local culture thanks to evenings spent with books, photographs and music shows performed by local artists.


Our favorite places will soon be updated
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