MAD inside THE BOX

We have traveled a lot around the world, drunk American coffee in the most popular clubs of New York, ordered avocado toasts and sipped cocktails of all tastes. We have started days with the scent of freshly baked brioches or pancakes, tasted the typical dishes of the local cuisine or the musts of the traditional cuisine.

We never found the kitchen closed, the shutters down, and the lights off.
That is how we dreamed of the kitchen at The Box: open from 7 am to 11 pm, without any predetermined formulas.


Are you more into English Tea or American Coffee? Shall we prepare you a salmon toast, a cheese-cake slice or scrambled eggs? Order whatever you want whenever you want.


The thousands layers of our sandwiches, the fantasy in our salads and the unmatched tastes of our specialties. Our restaurant is always open: for a grab-and-go lunch, a nibble or an afternoon snack. DOWNLOAD MENU


 Ever heard of Mixologist? It is a chemistry wizard able to mix beverages and ingredients and create cocktails with a perfect balance between taste, temperature and texture. Request a customized one to match the evening or your favorite dish.


Not only in the weekends. Every day, our brunch will have the flavor you want. The avocado toast, Greek yogurt with blueberry and almond granola, the Caesar salad and grilled salmon. We like the harmony arising out of thousands of different dishes able to match your idea of awakening.


Our catering offer is in the name of originality as well: International Fusion Dishes combined with the best Signature Cocktails created in collaboration with Oscar Quagliarini. Check out our menu…DOWNLOAD MENU

and now


The Box Hotel
Via Milano, 54 47838
Riccione (Rn)
Tel. +39 0541 1743743
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