Being inside The Box Riccione!

Every room, every space, every corner was designed and planned to make
The Box a unique and original place.

Not a hotel like any other, but a box inside which you will find 34 rooms and 6 suites, a Coffee & Cocktail Bar, a gift shop, a co-working area and an event space on the 5th floor with a breathtaking vista of the Riviera.


Check-in: your room will be available from 3 pm. If you wish to arrive earlier, we will gladly keep your luggage with us: Riccione is out there waiting for you.

Check-out: we kindly ask you to leave the room by noon. Spoil yourself with a last shopping spree in the city center, we will keep your luggage until you collect it before getting back to home.

Breakfast: Our rates do not include breakfast to let you decide when and what you want to eat.

Parking lots and Garages: we have several parking and garage spots available at a daily rate of € 18.

City Tax: € 3 per night per person. (children aged up to 14 years are exempt)

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Cash

Group reservations: reservations including more than 3 rooms are regarded as group reservations. Kindly email us at hotel@theboxriccione.com to get informed on our specific selling conditions.


Choose a location no one expects to present your ideas or special event.

The 5th floor Apartment or the picturesque Pink Pong Room?

In both cases, we guarantee that your business ideas or events will never be forgotten.
  • - Exclusive Private Parties
  • - Corporate Meetings
  • - New Product Launches
  • - Photo shoots
  • - Temporary Office


The Box is born after a deep renovation.
We strongly believe that details make a difference and this is why after careful research we involved real and unique escellences in their own business!

Discover the “Dream Team that made the making of the first THE BOX HOTEL possible.


MAD “meet and drink” is a real club in the lobby of The Box.

From 7,30 am to 23 pm , the kitchen is always be open.
From the international breakfasts, to social brunches, from sunset happy hours to tasteful dishes served along delicious cocktails warming the night up. You can order whatever you want, whenever you want. Thinking out of the box also means this.


We love kids and for this reason we are convinced that they should enjoy their holidays at hotels designed to meet their little great needs.
Unfortunately,The Box has no spaces for babies. We do not hold a Mini Club or a dedicated playground. We don't even have a garden and we do not provide the possibility to add a third bed in most of our rooms.
Our offer does not include the full board plan families often require.
So, if you travel with kids aged under 10 years, don't get offended if we prefer to recommend you some of the best Family Hotels based around Riccione.
We are sorry not to have you among our Guests, but we are aware of how important a holiday is for a family and because of that we don't want you to be let down by our property.


Do you know Miami, our globe-trotting chihuahua? In these years, we took it everywhere and its adventures ended up on the World’s best known travel magazines. Miami and Miranda, our big puppy which has just joined us from the kennel will be the Personal Dog Assistants.

If you are travelling with your dog, leave it in the paws of real holiday experts knowing how to deal with Very Important Pets.  Miami looks forward to update its Instagram profiles with pictures of friends coming from all over the world.


a little corner where you will be able to purchase many of the objects you will find in the rooms and throughout the property.

All items have carefully been selected and fully embody our style and taste.

We are sure you will like them too.
The Box Hotel
Via Milano, 54 47838
Riccione (Rn)
Tel. +39 0541 1743743
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